Your Money Under Your Control

Group 401(k) Owner and Employees

Navigator Business & Retirement Services has partnered with Nationwide® Financial to offer a Group Self Directed 401k retirement plan for business owners and their employees. Our unique partnership with Nationwide® Financial offers you and your employees the platform you need to make traditional investments PLUS the option to self-direct your funds into alternative investments such as real estate, private stock, or LLCs.

Navigator Business & Retirement Services will establish the Group 401k Plan Documents for new and existing plans of employers, prepare annual 5500 filings, and will provide plan amendments as needed. When you are ready to invest in alternative investments such as real estate, Navigator will act as the TPA (third party administrator) for those types of investments.

Nationwide ® Financial will act as the platform and record-keeper for investments. Investment options include mutual funds as well as a brokerage option where you can buy specific stocks. Nationwide® will also handle contributions, distributions, account access log-in, and can provide investment advice and managed accounts.

New Self Directed Multiple Employees 401(k) (new plan set-up or conversion of existing plan). $1,500 Navigator Employer
Annual Administration Fee (includes 5500 filing, and plan amendments). Paid in advance and yearly thereafter on your enrollment anniversary. $1,400 Navigator Employer

Total Fees for New Plan

$2,900 Navigator Employer
Asset Fee (for Nationwide services, funds, brokerage window, and investment advisor). 1.85% of Invested Assets (funds and self directed brokerage). Percent reduced for larger plans. Nationwide Plan Accounts

Total Annual Plan Fees

$1,400 + 1.85% Navigator & Nationwide Employer & Plan Accounts
Self Directed Investment (real estate, LLC, LP, etc.) Option for Participant Account Holder. $495 annual charge Navigator Plan Participant Account Owner